We explore the needs of the company to offer customized solutions that improve their competitive advantage in their market environment.
We search the best solution within all technology in market. We look for customer experience design, ensuring customer satisfaction and value for money.
Hardware, from electronic set up to fine package design. Software, firmware for our products, but also Cloud systems. Mobile apps, web pages and business model to be applied.

We are a passionate company dedicated to the creation of IoT Solutions to achieve customer satisfaction as a main goal. We look for your company

Technology Inside
We are able to design circuits with any kind of sensors, communication technologies, data memory, cloud systems and actuators available on the market. We select the best and accurate technology to deliver a cost target device. We produce devices, from pilots to first runs until you can ensure high volumes at the target cost and required quality.
Design Outside
We can produce products with any kind of shape to ensure customer satisfaction. User friendly products. Nice to wear. Without interference with your activity. From prototypes to industrial release.


About Energy

Monitoring your energy consumption allows you to make further steps to reduce any waste on this issue. Identify origins of overconsumption allows you to react and create alarms to ensure your bills will remain under control or pushing cost to a lower standard. Make steps without any investment, but once you have measured is easy to decide if returns are worth of it. Our competences also go beyond this point looking for automatized tools to ensure the best consumption behaviour.

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About Sport

To reach a high performance level in any sport, training, technology and science have become necessary for any sportsman. We create products to help any player to know how performs, compare their data with other players and above all, help trainers to identify improvement points. Data helps to understand how things happens and what to do to go one more step ahead. Our clients define what they want to measure and how… we do the rest.

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Another way for ticketing
About Event

Events are so complex to organize, and elements like security are becoming every day more important. However, we want at the same time create a great atmosphere, funny moments, great experiences… Then, why don’t we take advantage of technology to let our audience have a great moment. When customers are engaged in our event, we will help you to sell more, making this process easier than ever.

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Take the control
About Security

Today we may help you to keep track of your business, using tools like smartphones, bands or cards; we can allow your teams to open doors activate or deactivate systems, allowing third parties to access to systems or buildings (contractors)… The main point is that you keep in real time your permissions to do whatever you decide, include new users or dismiss others, keeping always a register of all this actions, when, who, … did it.

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Hotels & Resorts

Optimize your hotel
About Hotels

Focus on customer experience is a way to get rid of prices wars and ensure customer loyalty. We are constantly looking for tools to keep your visitors happy, making things easier, quicker or funnier. These tools also allows you to sell more, keeping track of your customer’s behaviour and making relevant proposals to them. Besides that, we can also deliver you tools to follow-up your operations to ensure your teams are delivering their best to keep the best quality service you can reach.

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Innovate for your customer
About Retail

Today retail is about great product offer, traffic generation and create great customer experience; we can help you in each of these points. We can increase functionalities of your products with technology, allowing your customers to find new ways to use them, make them fashion trendy or increasing value delivered. Our technology can help you to make people come to visit you. People is curious about new things, let the experience your brand differently. Also we will give you tools to link purchasing experience to pleasure or happiness, this is the best way to repeat our customers visit and increase sales.

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Attract new audiences
About Museum

Today’s technology allows our visitors to be embedded in your museum experience through all their senses. Let them have more information, adapted to their needs and interests. Let them have more freedom, allowing them to go everywhere but always been guided. Let them buy your products throughout their walk around your installations. Let them keep contact in real time with you, inside and outside your museum. Keep track of all these things to develop a brand new experience more adapted to their needs.

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Create smart devices
About Products

Do you have an idea? Can technology help you to make it real? Do you need to design hardware or software, cloud tools, etc.? Do you need to produce pilot products or thousands of pieces? Do you need to make this process as cheaper as possible? Why don’t you call us?

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Devices made
Tattoos made
Happy clients

About us

We’re an experienced Barcelona based technological and design agency, lovingly implementing scalable and technologically complex IOT projects at affordable costs. If your team or agency needs someone to add value to your products, we’re just who you need.
We're creative

For us there is a natural link between technology and consumer experience, doing anything you can imagine: Sports, Purchasing, Having Fun... then why not delivery to any company devices and tools to be the coolest brand in this world?

Let us know your marketing and product challenges thant you think can be sold with Technology and you will get a cutting edge answer. Don’t worry about prices, we don’t think Technology is expensive if there is enough knowledge.

And that’s the case, we know how to do it.

Marketing TechnoTools
Service & Implementation
Creativity [without limits]


Our Team

Josep Maria Garcia
Retail Manager
Àngel S. MARTÍ
Technology Manager
Noèlia Asensi
Marketing Tools Manager
Jordi Soler
Digital Manufacturing
Jordi Mercader
Board Associate
Àlex Net
Deputy Manager at Microblau
Jana Garcia
Business Analyst


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A technological and design agency implementing scalable and technologically complex IOT projects at affordable costs. We are just what you need.

Email: info@iotip.tech
Phone: +34 937 268 877
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