Another way for ticketing

Our tattoos are unique and customized. They can be linked to whatever you want on internet, even hidden content. Smart tattoos can keep many data. Furthermore, they can not be copied, lost or transfered. So they are perfect as interactive tickets.

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Sponsorship Activation

We reinvent communication between brand and consumer, creating interactive experiences.

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All-in-one Pass

Use Captoorama on alternative devices to offer ALL-IN-ONE PASSES for your customers!

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A professional tool integrated in the mobile application that helps the congressmen when attending networking events.

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Events are so complex to organize, and elements like security are becoming every day more important. However, we want at the same time create a great atmosphere, funny moments, great experiences… Then, why don’t we take advantage of technology to let our audience have a great moment. When customers are engaged in our event, we will help you to sell more, making this process easier than ever.

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A technological and design agency implementing scalable and technologically complex IOT projects at affordable costs. We are just what you need.

Email: info@iotip.tech
Phone: +34 937 268 877
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