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Optimize your hotel

Implementation of IoT control systems to optimize human resources.

The module consists of functionality for mobile application for the monitoring and remote control of hotel equipment and facilities, such as heat pumps, water pumps, elevators, etc. Monitoring allows:

  • The standardization of device standards.
  • To add notifications in case of anomalies.
  • The detection of malfunctions of the devices.
  • The reduction of visits of the operators.

It works by devices that connect to the devices, which send the operating data to the monitoring platform.


In hotels there are many processes that require management control.

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Check-in at your convenience, wherever, whenever you want, using the mobile application for check-in.

Check-in is a tool for automatic validation of the user's identity and the admission of the customer to the hotel. The tool also incorporates a check-out module with all the expenses associated to the room when users make the exit.


CARE RESPITE is an intelligent monitoring device that helps caring patients and dependent people, at home (e-health) and in institutions.

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Use Captoorama on alternative devices to offer ALL-IN-ONE PASSES for your customers!

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Taxi is a tool of location and reservation of the taxi that the user wishes.

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Hotels & Resorts
Focus on customer experience is a way to get rid of prices wars and ensure customer loyalty. We are constantly looking for tools to keep your visitors happy, making things easier, quicker or funnier. These tools also allows you to sell more, keeping track of your customer’s behaviour and making relevant proposals to them. Besides that, we can also deliver you tools to follow-up your operations to ensure your teams are delivering their best to keep the best quality service you can reach.

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