Smart devices for everything

It is possible to control remotely through mobile application any electronic device to improve the comfort of customers.

  • Air conditioner
  • Heating
  • Television
  • Microwaves
  • Blinds and solar control elements
  • Sound systems

Or any personal device you want. We are able to develop from hardware to product design.

Do you have an idea? Can technology help you to make it real? Do you need to design hardware or software, cloud tools, etc.? Do you need to produce pilot products or thousands of pieces? Do you need to make this process as cheaper as possible? Why don’t you call us?

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Email: info@iotip.tech
Phone: +34 937 268 877
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IOT Infinitum Platform
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A technological and design agency implementing scalable and technologically complex IOT projects at affordable costs. We are just what you need.

Email: info@iotip.tech
Phone: +34 937 268 877
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