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iBeacons make phones smarter, locations more interactive, even giving ordinary objects a way to communicate information with smart phones or other devices.

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Smart Shopping is having an improved shopping experience thanks to the application of strategies and technology that gives evidences to the shop owner of consumer habits, likes and behaviour of its shoppers.

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Smart mirrors by AITECH

aiMirror consists of a life-sized mirror that overlays the customer’s image with pictures of clothing they select using gesture and touch-based interfaces.

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The sale is an important and recurrent source of income for hotels and resorts, but little optimized.

We present a tool for the hotel and retail sector that allows to obtain more sales without needing to change the supports.

Associate your credit card with a QR code. In cash, you show the QR to pay for drinks, services and any goods. You will receive the electronic ticket on your mobile and you can always keep it in the app. In case of return, you can access all your tickets in the "my purchases" section to display the QR in box.


With Watson, you can build chatbots and virtual agents that answer your customers’ questions, responding to their needs quickly and efficiently.

Customers need 24/7 support, which can be costly to implement. Chatbots and virtual agents can improve customer service to shorten call-handling times, reduce agent-to-agent transfers and free up agents whose talents can be put to better use.

Today retail is about great product offer, traffic generation and create great customer experience; we can help you in each of these points. We can increase functionalities of your products with technology, allowing your customers to find new ways to use them, make them fashion trendy or increasing value delivered. Our technology can help you to make people come to visit you. People is curious about new things, let the experience your brand differently. Also we will give you tools to link purchasing experience to pleasure or happiness, this is the best way to repeat our customers visit and increase sales.

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