Another way for ticketing

Captoorama: Ticketing

Our tattoos are unique and customized. They can be linked to whatever you want on internet, even hidden content.

Customers using your services generate data that cannot be consolidated and managed to increase your customer satisfaction or design new features or services. Because there is not a single way to follow them while are using your services!

Customer data management 
is a nightmare.

Customer data as personal identification, medical data, payment systems, purchases done, social media…

Entry tickets can keep all this data but have so many inconveniences… but they are weak, easy to copy or lose, and they should be managed manually.

Temporary tattoos and Captoorama technology can solve all these problems.

Wich kind of features are available with Captoorama?

  • Ticketing recognition
  • Payment systems and purchases
  • Personal data
  • Social media connections

And smart tattoos last for 3 days! Afterwards they are no longer valid.


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