Information about your training

Sport practitioners are everyday trying to improve their performance, but tools at their disposal are not always sharp enough to give them information they need.

There are some sports, like running, where you will find a lot of tools for your smartphone. But there are some others where today we are still in a black out.

We are helping some companies to be the first to propose tools to their customers or their training managers the information they need to do some steps ahead.

But two things are key to make a useful product:

  • Data gathered should be analyzed and synthetized to give relevant data. We work in this point with specialists in each sport telling us what they need to know.
  • Real data information, gather data for a further analysis is ok but sometimes real time information is key (heart beat behavior, sportsman position… ) should be known in real time to take decisions. We are creating our solutions to send information to your smartphone, the cloud or your training manager as soon as possible.

Functionalities may be changed as far as we are hardware designers and software engineers. Please, let us know what you want to measure.

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