Why IoT?

IOT is the new revolution on sports, you can read it everywhere, but these tools are today very expensive and only big professional clubs can pay for it, as The Guardian says on its digital newspaper.

We think that this point has started to change as soon so many big brands are proposing to the market tools to any level of skills.

An example is Nike and its Nike-Plus program:

But what’s more interesting is that applications are huge, let’s see a list here that probably you will never imagine.

But always focusing sports with thousands of practitioners and taking advantage of technology embedded of your smartphone.

We are changing that, our smartphone is great, we can use it for so many things but you cannot follow everything you need from it. Then we develop small tech pieces that are pushing some steps ahead the possibility to gather information you have never dreamt.

We are working for several sports, listening our clients to give them a device that allow them to be the first in the market with a new gadget and a smartphone app at an unbeatable cost.

We just want to be your partner make this huge step ahead.


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