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Smart Shopping is having an improved shopping experience thanks to the application of strategies and technology that gives evidences to the shop owner of consumer habits, likes and behaviour of its shoppers. Consumers now have many choices for how they shop: in the store, online, through a catalog, or over the phone, and retailers need new ways to differentiate their offers and to drive sales, traffic, and loyalty.

Smart shopping is a tool for reading images and codes that allows to change the way users interact with the objects that surround them in order to increase direct sales.

Users scan images and codes to display content streams of value of different formats and in return they receive points exchangeable for rewards. The purchase is made through any medium anywhere.The user reads the image and can directly buy the item and receive it at home, without having to carry bags through the city.

It is recommended to capture the attention of the users by sending notifications of promotions of each local through beacons.

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