Sport Technology

We design and produce (if it’s needed) technology products to be licensed by our clients. If required, we modify and change product features, release new versions, monetize cloud data…

  • We let our clients to define features to be considered in their products.
  • We connect their tools to any device they would like to increase functionalities
  • We define target cost for the product and create their device.

Some examples:

  • Ski/Snowboard tracker
    • Send a geolocalized alarm if you need to be rescued
    • Keep information of your ski session, path, movements, distance, slope, temperature and humidity...
    • Ask for sensors you would like!
    • Track on a map your ski boards or your Snow board if you lose them

  • Bike tracker
    • Keep information of your skate session, path, track trace, movements, distance, slope, temperature and humidity...
    • Add to your video or photos data about your movements to show your skills
    • Compare your technique with your colleagues.
    • Complete different kind of movements and improve your skills

  • Paddle/Tennis player recorder
    • Master your playing technique by knowing your position on the track, how you kick the ball and how fast are you doing your movements
    • Track your games, analyze data obtained and repeat movements to improve. Video can be synchronized to recorded data game
    • Security system, air pressure and humidity indicators are included
    • Compare your activity to other players
    • Keep data for yourself, your trainer, your friends…


A technological and design agency implementing scalable and technologically complex IOT projects at affordable costs. We are just what you need.

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