Barcelona Design Week 2015

Design Tattoos

Design by Toormix and inspired by Massimo Vignelli

Barcelona Design Week

Barcelona Design Week (BDW), organised by Barcelona Design Centre (BCD Barcelona Design Centre) is the annual meeting of design, innovation and business that from 2006 attracts professionals & creative businesses who are eager to learn new trends, to network and to share knowledge and projects about a wide range of topics.


The Barcelona Design Week 2015 was a tribute to the work of Massimo Vignelli. Therefore, based on his graphic work they were created 16 different temporary tattoos linked to audiovisual content files of Vignelli. The tattoos were given at the entrance so visitors could interact and access to hidden content about Massimo Vignelli's exhibition.


· 12.000 tattoos

· 16 designs

· 8.000 visualizations


Tattoo designs were made by Toormix, one of the best design studies in Barcelona.


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