Cue Tracker

Improve your technique

Master your playing technique by knowing your cue position, how you kick the ball and how fast are you doing your movements.

Track your games, analyse data obtained and repeat measured movements to improve your reliability.

Compare your activity to other players.

Keep data for yourself, your trainer, your friends...

The Project

What I should do to start? As simple as:

  • Insert our cue tracker into your cue end.
  • Synchronize our cue tracker to your mobile or your computer.
  • Start playing and getting data!


  • Game’s hits.
  • Player performance in real time.
    • Ball Impact Vibration.
    • Ball Impact speed & angle.
    • Number of movements.
  • Game’s hits.

Your CueTracker is also a tool to learn with our billiard champions.They will tell you how to perform a hit, then let’s try by yourself.Connect your PC or your mobile to our platform and you’ll see videos and data to learn how to do it like them.


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