FCB Fan Zone

  • Categories: Event
  • Released: Competition 2017
  • Client: WWP
FCB Fan Zone

The dynamization of a fan zone is designed, together with WWP Barcelona agency. Part of this dynamization involves the creation of a digital and physical passport.

Everyone who wants to participate in the Fan Zone, physically or virtually must have passport activated to get the rewards, awards, etc. Start of user’s tracking.

The Passport

The passport is physically delivered and activated by the staff or by the user.

The Staff reads the identification (through the use of Captoorama) of each user at the entrance of the activity to:

  • Participate in the activities.
  • Know the capacity in real time.
  • Know when the user has performed an activity (input and output).
The Data

· Through the tracking of the passport, the following data are collected: Where has the user been, what way has he chosen, how has he moved in a time? What kind of people have done one or another activity? What kind of people have chosen one or the other way?

More than a passport

In addition, a gamification layer is incorporated. The user accumulates points in each activity that he / she performs. These points must be redeemed for a reward. Every fan who participates in the activities has a challenge to obtain a prize. This way we ensure your participation and interaction with sponsors. Gifts / prizes are established so that the experience in the Fan Zone is as emotional as possible.


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