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Orange Trade Marketing

Orange has taken the step towards the smart store and wants to boost the concept through scalable actions that allow to quickly measure results to validate the concept.

Currently, its stores are segmented in different areas according to the theme, in addition to having a store host that helps to manage the needs of the user as soon as he arrives.

Finally, within thirty minutes of leaving the store, the user receives a satisfaction survey.

The Objectives

Orange wants:

  • To capture user behavior in the online world to manage his needs in the offline world.
  • To trace the customer in store.
  • To know the traffic sources of the customer that arrives at the store.
  • To promote promotional actions to increase the volume of customers who arrive at the store.
The Proposal

· The proposals are made up of functionalities based on cognitive technology and artificial vision whose sum gives the final solution that is proposed, but which can function independently to solve specific needs of the client.


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