Vegalsa-Eroski wants to promote fresh products but also the values behind the brand.

Furthermore, fresh products are the most fluctuating in price.

Currently, offers are not customized based on the user profile.

There is no connection between paper supply and online channels.

The Proposal

Together with the agency Reclam, the following proposal is worked out to solve the needs of Vegalsa.

By using an app (own, existing or new) and identifying the markers on the graphic media (POS, press ads, brochures, ...) we can provide the user with personalized offers, fresh product information and recommendations for other products.

  • Customized offers

    Fresh offers based on taste and consumer profile.

  • Recommendation of other fresh products

    At the time of reading the product, other fresh products are recommended on offer to the user, which can complement the main ingredient to make a suggested recipe.

  • Brand values visualization

    Each fresh product will have a tab that will display, in addition to the price, the values of the company based on that particular product. For example, it will tell you where the product comes from, what CO2 emissions it carries, how many jobs it creates, but also how many calories it has, etc.


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