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IOTIP is an engineering of end-to-end IoT projects (based on Internet of Things). We implement complex IoT projects with high scalability at affordable prices.
We offer the best Time to Market and a competitive development and implementation cost.

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We are part of Infinitum Projects, a technology-based business holding company, led by senior management experts and participated by successful entrepreneurs and business angels, with more than 75 technicians.

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Our Services

We help you to create a new IoT product for the market using our skills:

  • Hardware - Custom design and development, from electronics to mechanics.
  • Software - Custom design and development of software (firmware, front-end and back-end) and app (webapp and native iOS and Android app).
  • Communications - The best connectivity and infrastructure technology for the project.
  • Security - Safety always comes first.

We analyze your needs and evaluate all the possibilities of your project with our team of engineers to develop a proposal based on the requirements and the basic premises, using our knowledge and experience.

Is there anything in the market that meets the requirements? It has no sense to invent everything at every project. For economic and time reasons, it's often advisable to adapt existing technologies in the market that are already tested.

Before industrializing, an Operative Proof of Concept must be developed. That is, the Minimum Viable Product to achieve the goals and the established requirements.

We combine technique and beauty. We materialize the final product emphasizing the form, function and use with a priority focus towards the user. We close the manufacturing process: production management, manufacturing and assembly and logistics.

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