Interactive ID

Smart tattoos connecting offline and online worlds


Value Proposition

Enrich Content

Get more information. Add audiovisual content. Add sponsorship. Add segmented content according to different profiles, schedules and location.

User Engagement

Share content. Gamification. Vote. Ask, comment & recommend. Do any action required.


Purchase. Donate. Get a coupon. Get information about the customers, their habits, etc.

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Use Cases

Guarantees the safety of participants

Link any image to participant's biometric and health data to expedite the identification in case of accident.

  • Position your brand as a reference
  • Generates impact on networks and media
  • Create a link with the event and segment communication
  • Pay without cash or card
image recognition tool for sport competitions
iot solution for events

Make ticketing fun!

Assign a personalized image to each of your attendees for access to an event, a pass...

  • Interact with your audience
  • Create segment profiles
  • Pay without cash or card

Convert any image in sales

Allow shoppers to find products wherever they are and interact with them to increase customer engagement.

  • Purchase online
  • Discover valuable digital content
  • Do any action required
  • Play
  • See more information
marketing solution for retail